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Protect your excess on your car insurance

When you make a claim, you will normally have to pay some of the costs yourself. This is called the policy excess, and choosing the right amount can help make sure you get the best deal. This figure is almost totally dependent on you, your age and circumstances. In the case of motor insurance for example, the type of vehicle to be covered and your driving history will have an effect on the policy excess applied by the insurance company.

With XS Protect you will no longer have to worry about being out of pocket for the dreaded excess. Once the claim is settled by your insurance company regardless of fault or non-fault, XS Protect will refund your excess.

By taking out a higher voluntary excess, it is possible to save money on your insurance premiums. With XS Protect as a back up, you will not have to worry about being out of pocket for the excess in the event of a claim as the XS Protect policy will reimburse you once the claim is settled, regardless of fault.

This exclusive product reimburses any excess paid out in the event of a claim on your insurance policy, allowing you to take a higher voluntary excess and potentially reduce your overall premium but still claim for your excess loss to be repaid.

Key Facts


Policy Wording

  • Allows you to protect yourself against having to pay the excess on a policy issued in your name, insured by a UK insurer
  • Policy is annual and is a one claim policy
  • We follow the insurer –If they pay out–We pay out
  • Simple, straight forward and easy to understand
  • Depending on your profile, the policy may be self-funding i.e. increased excess saves more than the cost of the policy (although this is not the primary reason for taking cover)

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